Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Barney Surprise

          Barney looked at him innocently.  You could almost see the halo over his ears.  “Paw-ty?”  he asked.  “I dunno what you’re meowing about.”

          Suddenly, Smokey became very suspicious.  Barney did seem like he wanted them out of there as soon as possible and well, come to think of it he just looked plain sneaky.  “Who’s having a paw-ty?”

          All were staring at Barney by this point as his tail started twitching.  That’s the main difference with cats and humans.  Humans get uncomfortable and they squirm, cats get uneasy and their tails twitch.  “I’m not invited to no paw-ty,” he grumbled.

          Baby gave him the eye.  Baby could give a good ‘eye’ when someone was feeding her a line.  “You silly kitty,” she said.  “You’re having a girlfriend over.  That’s why you didn’t want to come with us!”

          Barney was all out turning every color in the rainbow by now and Smokey was just plain shocked.  Barney had a girlfriend!!!!!!??  Casey, who had known Barney longer than anyone, even looked surprised.  Smokey wondered if it was bepaws of the girlfriend or the fact that Barney actually kept a secret! 

          Seriously, when did you ever remember Barney every keeping a secret?

1 comment:

  1. dood....a gurl friend.... !!! way kewl...N just in time for hearts day oh love...just bee care full tho....just dont let her use yur litterbox coz ya noe how gurls R bout de hole seet thing...N yea, we iz STILL tryin ta figure out when a seet getted in de litter box !!!