Monday, February 9, 2015

A Purring Tommy

(Paw Note:  Live update on the new little kitty.  I saw him this afternoon eating a snack I left for him but he's still pretty jumpy.  He saw me then booked.  Hey, whatever happens as long as the little fella comes on the porch and eats a couple of times a day, I'll be happy.)


          The second he said that Ace stopped the car, Casey’s map went flying, Baby woke up, Barney kind of passed out and Smokey looked like she just got smacked.  All, except for Baby, were throwaways.  If you want to get technical about it Baby would’ve probably been a throwaway because the house she lived in originally was abandoned a couple of months after she came to live at the house and supposedly a lot of cats were left there.  (And just for a refresher- Barney was rescued from a pound’s parking lot, Casey was found a couple of days later under some mailboxes, Ace came around during a snowstorm and Smokey was tossed out of a moving car.)  So, the point was, none of them would even think of abandoning little Tommy and Smokey was very happy to inform him of that.

          “Don’t worry, Tommy,” she said anxiously.  “We won’t abandon anybody.  We’re really glad that you’re here.”

          It was amazing how happy he looked when he heard that.  The funny thing is he curled up in a ball and went immediately to sleep purring his guts out.  It was one of those classic, nice, calming purrs.  As a matter of fact, it was so calming that Baby went to sleep.  Smokey just leaned back and listened.  Barney just looked as smug as a kitty who just caught a mouse.  Casey looked admiringly at the little fella then looked at Barney.  “Why were you so secretive about this?”

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  1. barney...sum stuff ya gotta just keep ta yur self huh...

    N high paws ta yur mom for helpin out de wee small tommy dood...N for rescue inn everee one else...blessings two her ♥♥♥