Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tommy Traveling


          (Paw Note:  If you’re wondering who exactly Tommy Furball is, he is actually based on a new kitty that was tossed out in the neighborhood in the last couple of weeks.  Now, why hasn’t he been mentioned before?  That’s easy-there wasn’t any confirmation that he existed until the other day.  I had suspected there was a stray around but to tell you the truth I was really hoping I was wrong and it was just a neighbor cat coming over to visit.  With that being said, from what I can see he is a cute, little fella, a black fuzz ball.  He’s afraid of everything though, like any stray and that’s fine.  As long as he’s around I’ll definitely feed him and he’ll definitely stay in the story to hang with the kitties!)

          Smokey let out a laugh/purr and Barney gave him a kitty version of a noogie.  Baby didn’t comment mostly bepaws she was asleep and Casey was to busy reading the map and meowing suggestions on which way to go. Smokey actually thought it was really cool having Tommy there, it was like having a little brother.

          Then Tommy actually said something that had all of them horrified.  “You kitties won’t throw me out on the road, will you?”


  1. Don't worry, Tommy! You can rest assured that the Purry Cute Kittens would NEVER do that.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. sure az we loves R fish N hate burds we can tell ya, yur with de purry cute crew ta stay...frank lee we will say happee gotcha day two ewe buddy ... WELCOME ♥♥♥