Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cruising Barney

          They were interrupted by a loud- HONK!!!  How loud was it you ask?  I’ll put it to you this way it was loud enough that it made all of their fur blow backwards.  As a matter of fact, Casey’s was practically standing straight up on end.  “What in the meow was that?”  he yowled.

          Smokey had no clue but she was definitely going to find out.  She hopped to the window and couldn’t believe it.  Barney was out there, in Ace’s convertible, all of their luggage was in the back.  Smokey couldn’t believe it considering that they really had been arguing that long!  But it didn’t matter, Barney looked like he was ready to go and Smokey couldn’t wait to get the paw out of there.

          Barney was having a great time honking this horn and it finally sunk into Ace what he was doing and ran outside yowling and hissing.  Ace was extremely sensitive about his car, so Smokey had to follow him to calm him down.  Meow!  Were they going to ever get out of here?  “Why don’t you chill!”  Smokey ordered.  “So what if he’s driving!”

1 comment:

  1. barney...dood....we toll ya that trik wood werk !!!! high paws travelz guys....we rememburr de hole inviz abull plan; but ya still gotta watch out for crazed azz peepulz !!

    dont forget ta post a foto ore two on yur way south ♥♥♥♥