Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Silly Kitties

          All of the kitties stared at him in disbelief with whiskers twitching and tails swishing.  Casey actually looked like he was going to have a hissy-fit.  “What did you do you stoned kitty?”  he yowled.

          Smokey had to hold Ace’s tail to prevent him from jumping on Casey and clawing his eyes out.  “You goof!”  he yowled back..  “Don’t you call me a stoned kitty!”  He tried to paw closer to Casey but Smokey still managed to hang onto the tail.  It was a miracle that she could even hang on.  She was actually wondering where Barney was.  She could’ve really used the big boy now but the funny thing is he disappeared.

          Casey wasn’t intimidated by the cranky cat though.  “What happened to the car?”  he yowled again.

          “It just needs gas,” he growled back.  “You don’t have to pick a fight.”

          Smokey let his tail go and gave him a swat on the back.  “You cats are just flat-out stupid,” she said.

          Baby, who had been surprisingly quiet during this whole thing, put a paw up to her head.  “You two give me a headache.”  And meee-ow it is paws-ible for kitties to get headaches.  It doesn’t happen too often but when it does you don’t only get the pounding head, you get whiskers that don’t stop twitching and a tail that continuously bangs around.  With that she pawed out of the room heading for the nearest dark room.

          Smokey had just about enough.  She slammed her tail down and put the paw up.  “You two get it together!”  she yowled.  She pointed at Ace.  “You go fill up the gas tank and you-“ she said turning to Casey.  “Quit making him mad!”

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  1. meen while...barney haz de bags packed N reddy ta go ...& iz IN de car waitin ta leeve for florida !!!!

    barney....dood...honk de horn til they all come out !! ☺☺