Saturday, February 7, 2015

On the Road

          Smokey didn’t have a problem with it and to be honest, Casey and Baby didn’t either.  Ace kind of looked confused for a second but after twitching the whiskers a few times, he actually seemed quite agreeable to it.  The thing you need to understand about Ace is he may look like a tough guy but he’s really a big baby at heart.

     Besides that, here’s something to consider all of them (except for Baby) were throwaways.  (Note:  Baby actually came from a house that would’ve probably tossed her out too.)  So, all of these kitties had a soft spot for any cat that’s been tossed out.  Besides that little Tommy Furball actually looked like a nice, little fella and all of them thought it would be fun to have a new pal travel with them.
          After all of the debating, moving around and Ace pushing Barney out of the driver’s seat, they were finally off.  And before you even ask, the top did come up and it seemed a little bit tight in the car.  But Smokey was excited, all of them were, tails swishing and whiskers twitching.  Little Tommy was actually purring.  “This is really fun,” he meowed as they finally got out of town.

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  1. a safe trip guys...enjoy de journee, dont getz speed tikitz frum de pole leese, florida'z onlee like 84,099 miles a way sew ya shuld be ther by fryday { N yea....way kewl oh yur mom ta rezcue everee one like her haz.... } ♥♥♥