Friday, February 13, 2015

Snackin' and Gaming

          “You’re getting excited over nothing,” Baby meowed.  “That doesn’t even look like Mr. Pie.”

          Well, that was a difference of opinion but Smokey wasn’t arguing.  It was amazing though how the cat looked like Mr. Pie!  To top it all off, it seemed like all kitties here looked like some kitties that Smokey knew.  She was actually looking around to see if the Trouties were there but there was no luck in that regard.  Besides that Smokey’s train of thought was interrupted by Barney who suddenly, for no reason asked where Ace was.

          “I think he’s with the car,” said Baby.  “Do you think that we should get him something?”

          “Ice water would probably do it,” Barney said.  “What do you want Tommy?”

          Tommy chose a couple of packets of treats, while the others just picked out some various cat food snacks that we really don’t need to go into details bepaws a lot of the stuff smells really badly.  They even went to yank Casey away from the Catman game, thinking that he might actually be done but guess what?

          He was still playing and it was actually the same game!!!   

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  1. guys...yea...we iz knot ther....we iz still heer...we iz knot a loud outta de yard rite now...oh, N if de kitteh dood haza just mite be PIE !!

    happee heartz day oh love two everee one N heerz two a topminnow & trumpetfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥