Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kitty Flashbacks

          The black kitty purred with the acknowledgement.  “You’re Smokey!” he said.  “You’re pals crashed through all of the castles on a surfboard!”  He eyed Barney.  “You’re one of the kitties!”

          Barney looked confused for a second but after Smokey whacked him with her tail it’s like something clicked!  “Meee-ow!  I remember dat now!”

          In case you’re confused, Barney and Casey happened to be surfing while Smokey was helping to make a spectacular sand castle.  Somehow they got carried away by a wave and went smack into the castle.  Actually it was more than one but Smokey couldn’t remember the exact number for sure. 

          Back to the beach, this kitty wasn’t one of the ones who Smokey was helping.  He happened to be the one next to her group.  (By the way, his name was Andy.)  With the flashbacks revealed Barney’s whiskers started twitching.  Smokey could tell what he was thinking.  He was wondering if this kitty held a grudge.

          Andy started laugh/purring at Barney.  “What do you think I’m gonna do?  Give you kitties the paw?”

          Barney relaxed suddenly.  “Meee-cool,” he meowed.  “You didn’t seem like a kitty who held a grudge.”

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  1. guys...we rememburr de surf contest. !!! ...

    N smokey...ya DID try ta stop...thatz de mane thing...rite !! ♥♥♥