Friday, March 20, 2015

Kitty Pals on the Beach

          The kitties didn’t meow anything.  Then again, there was really nothing to meow about in terms of Tommy.  Tommy could be any cat around the beach.  Finally Baby broke the silence with a, “Well, we’re sorry we interrupted the game.”

          Right when she meowed this a sleek black cat with purr-fectly shaped paws had come up to inspect Smokey.  He was giving Smokey such an intent eye that it actually made her back up out of nervousness.  “Why are you staring at me like that?”  Smokey asked.  “You iz making me really nervous!”

          “Don’t I know you?”  asked the kitty with a smooth meow.  “You look paw-fully familiar.”

          Smokey thought about it for a second and then it hit her.  “Wait a meow-minute!  I remember now!”

          Baby and Barney were staring at her like she was nuts but Smokey wasn’t paying attention to them.  She couldn’t actually believe this but she had run into some kitty from the last time they came to Florida.  “You were in the sandcastle contest!”  Smokey meowed excitedly.

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  1. Oh M cod...guys...a sand castle contest wood bee like de WAY kewlest...fotoz on thiz one pleez...for sure......hope sum one sandz a giant mouz !!! ore a fish !! ♥♥