Thursday, March 19, 2015

Volleyball Pawin'

     They didn’t have too much time to worry about it anyway.  They happened to paw right in the middle of a volleyball game.  And I bet you’re wondering- how in the meow can cats play volleyball.  Well, I’ll put it to you this way, it involves two things which include their tail and a beach ball.  From that point on, you would kind of have to be there to believe it.  Oh meee-ow- this wasn’t what you call an ordinary beach ball, more on the lines on being shaped like a volleyball.  Like I said, you kinda had to be there to believe it.  I will say this though.  When a kitty whacked that ball with a tail it was guaranteed to go far!

          Well, this had been one of those serious games too, a prelude to a possible championship with the other cats down at the other end of the beach.  So there was a lot of hissing and one black cat with white trim yowled.  “What in the meow are you kitties trying to prove?”

          Smokey, who had been half in a daze, answered.  “Sorry about that, we’re looking for our pal, Tommy.”









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