Thursday, May 14, 2015

Casey and the Cat-cussion?

      Casey just gave a couple of waves of the tail.  “Don’t worry about it,” he meowed.  “A cat is allowed to change his mind.”

          Now, Smokey thought that whole exchange was kind of weird but meow-who was she to judge?  For a second, she wondered if Casey didn’t have one of those cat-cussions that all of the sports people meow about.  After all, he did get clobbered with a baseball while on their stadium tour!  With that thought in mind, she even asked, “You have a headache or something?”

          Casey’s whiskers started twitching.  “Why are you asking that?

          It seemed to sink into Baby’s furry head what Smokey was getting at!  “You have a cat-cussion!”  she yowled excitedly.

          Every cat just kind of took a step back and gave Casey the eye as if he had some kind of disease.  It wasn’t exactly the best thing to do but all of the sports cats had everyone so scared of cat-cussions that they wondered if Casey was suddenly going to get really sick or something.  Smokey gulped and meowed out, “Do you feel sick?”

          Now, Casey was mad.  “I don’t know why you cats are acting so dumb!”

          Barney’s eyes were huge.  “Don’t you remember getting bonked on the head?”


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  1. dood! how manee pawz iz we holdin up heer!!??
    happee week end guys....hope ya get thiz message
    az de inter webz is spazzed heer....