Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Big Debate

          Smokey knew there was a catch.  “You big kitten!”  she yowled.  “Why didn’t you just say so?”

          Casey gave Smokey that sulky look that he had the tendency to throw out once in awhile.  “You keep quiet Smokes,” he meowed.  “You have to big of a mouth.”

          Now, as many of you know, Smokey had the tendency to be a little bit of a hot-headed kitty and when Casey meowed that it happened to get her a little hot under the flea collar.  So, I’m assuming a lot of you know what happened next- they had one of those friendly cat fights that included the whole gang.  That in itself was kind of funny considering none of them felt like fighting.  Anyway, it was Barney, of all cats, who ended up giving Casey a big paw across the head.

          And the funny thing is it seemed to knock some sense into him!  How could you tell?  Well, his whiskers started twitching really fast and he let out an extremely loud, “MEEEE-OWWW!” 

          Smokey was confused.  “What’s your problem now?”  she asked.

          “My brain woke up,” he said.  “Now, how do we get a boat?”

          Ace was even shocked by the change in attitude.  “What changed your mind?”  he asked Casey.

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