Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cory Rescue Recap

          That’s where Casey came in and aww c’mon you could see this coming!  All of the yelling made him snap out of his daze and literally swim out there.  Meee-yeah you heard that right- he was swimming!  Can you believe dat?  Who would’ve thought that you would see a cat swimming.  The funny thing was that he got to Smokey and Corey quickly and he got his paws up on the board and the next thing you know he was standing on it with both of them on his back!

          Now, if you remember a long time ago and remember Smokey, Barney and Casey’s original trip to Florida and how Barney and Casey smashed up the sandcastle contest this was even wilder.  When that board, finally, got to the beach they started sliding.  Sand flew everywhere, they finally came to a complete stop in front of a refreshment stand which led to all of them being treated to the BIGGEST NIP CONE in the history of nip cones.

          (Any of you kitties ever try a nip cone though, seriously?  Meeee-yummy.)

          And to those who wonder where Ace was, he did eventually come down to join in the ice cream paw-ty.

          Mee-uh-oh I can see the whiskers twitching and I can see the tails bashing.  I can almost hear it:  You mean this was it???  That’s all there was to their baseball trip???


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  1. noe....we noe itz knot.... coz we noe ewe guys canna leeve a good base ball storee...just ....that !!!

    this iz just de start...kinda like de seezon itz self :)

    nice ta see ewe guys bak N hope everee one haza grate week oh end; happee momz day two yur mom......

    { we bee offline til monday } ♥♥♥