Friday, May 8, 2015

Stadium Description Time

          Of course that wasn’t all!!  Why would it be??  You know these kitties, they have standards and they had places to go and kitties to see!

          Anyway when it came to kitty baseball in Florida there were 7 stadiums that any kitty baseball fan had to visit.  Well, you don’t literally have to visit them but 99% of the fans did.  It was just one of those things these parks included:

1.      Whisker Way Stadium

2.      Furry Fun Zone Stadium

3.      Paw Trail Park

4.      Tail Trail Stadium

5.     Meow Purr Park

6.     Purry Purr Park

7.     Alley Cat Alley Park

          All of these baseball parks/stadiums had their own special qualities.  Whisker Way Stadium, for an example had the best food imaginable- anything there could make a kitty’s whiskers twitch.  Furry Fun Zone Stadium had different places in each section for a kitty to cool down.  Paw Trail Park had the widest and the most comfortable seats.  Tail Trail Stadium always had a rock band before and after the game.  Meow Purr Park had the biggest stadium store where you could find practically anything.  Purry Purr Park was the place where any kitty could see somebody famous.  In the meantime Alley Cat Alley Park was all baseball, you had the history, highlights of your favorite team from the previous year, you could get autographs there and meeee-wow it was just pure baseball.

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  1. guys....whisker way bee de way ta go for uz !!!! thanx for de tipz...if we ever getz ta florida we will for sure stop bye that stadiumz furst !! ♥♥♥