Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Kitty Recap Time (This Could Take Awhile)


          Now, I bet you’ve been wondering what happened to the kitties.

          Aw c’mon…admit it, you have…

          If you go and look back there’s no way that you could not, considering the last time we left these kitties a little kitty, named Cory, was about ready to get eaten by a shark.  Oh Cory was saved and out of all the kitties, it was Smokey who saved him!  Wait a second…how did that happen?  Well-

          When the shark was spotted everybody seemed to be kinda stumped.  In other meows, no one knew what to do.  Cory started yowling in a horrible way that made Smokey grab the nearest surfboard and head out to sea.  Somehow she managed to get lucky and catch a wave that took her right to a scared Cory who jumped on the surfboard.  In the meantime, the shark followed them for a bit but got bored pretty quickly and headed back out to sea.  So Smokey’s bobbing up and down with Cory on some rocky waves with the kitties yowling and cheering.  A chant of: “Smokey!  Smokey!”  even started. 

          The chant didn’t help.

          These two were bobbing so much that they looked like apples in a tub for Halloween.  Smokey was actually starting to get seasick, Cory was barely hanging on and that’s when it was evident enough that these kitties needed some help! 

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  1. guys...just due knot fall inta de waterz ore take a brake ta due sum fishin coz el sharko el large o fish oh iz still out ther ♥♥♥