Friday, May 8, 2015

Stadium Summary Time

      Of course the kitties did the stadiums in order and all had their own adventures in each.  For an example when they visited Whisker Way Stadium Casey, Ace, Tommy and Barney ate so much that the catnip cone stand had to close down!  Smokey went around trying all of the hotdogs while Baby had a good time at the milk stands.  She found herself especially addicted to the strawberry milk by time the evening was done.  Needless to say all of them had upset stomachs the next day but meeee-ow Smokey figured it was worth it.  Oh by the way, these kitties were so greedy they never did find out who won the game.  By time all of them were done getting over their stomachaches all of them had forgotten who played-MOL.

          Their trip to the Furry Fun Zone was definitely worth it and well-timed.  In other meows, it was HOT that night.  They went to that game to see the Furrtown Cats against the Pounce Prowlers.  It was so hot that night the game just kept going on and on and on.  It was one of the few times that you could go anywhere in a ballpark and see a cat under a sprinkler.  The Zone was actually famous for them.  Well, the night can actually be summed up like this: Furrtown won 5-3 and Barney got so wet that it took him a day to dry!  

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  1. hot dawgs !!!! now yur talkin....N tell de dood tossin em cross de stadium ta sendz sum snow cones yur way two !!! ♥♥♥