Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Big Idea

It came to Smokey all of a sudden.  What do I mean by ‘it?’  I’m meowing- the big idea, the big plan, the new adventure.  Smokey was so purry by it that she couldn’t believe that she didn’t come up with it before and she couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the kitties.

          Baby, Tommy and Ace thought it was a paw-tastic plan.  When Barney heard it, he wasn’t sure what to think at first but after a bit it started growing on him but Casey’s reaction was the one that surprised everybody.

          “Have you lost all the whiskers attached to your brain?”  he yowled.  “We can’t do that!”

          In case you’re wondering what we’re meowing about- here it is.  Smokey though that maybe, just maybe the next thing they should do would be to rent a pawty boat.  That way they could go anywhere and pick up anybody they wanted at any point.  It sounded great and it looked great on paper but Casey didn’t like the idea at all!  They couldn’t believe it.

          “What’s the problem?”  asked Barney.  “Why not?”

          “It’s a dumb idea,” he meowed popping some cat treats in his mouth.  “It’ll never work.”

          Ace eyed Casey suspiciously.  “You have other plans, don’t you?”  he asked.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a grate eye dea ta uz !!!! sail de high seez.....fishin 25/7/366....fresh food...all de time......stop off in any port N pick up pals...stop off in ree sortz N haz fun....we wood love ta join in... if ya go with thiz boat...let uz noe & we will sends ewe sailin directshunz N casey we iz anxiouz ta heer what yur eye dea iz two dood !! ♥♥♥