Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lion Riding

      Smokey just hoped they didn’t have to go much further!  She was afraid of falling off.  Besides, it seemed like there should be humans around somewhere.  After a couple of seconds it seemed like it sunk into her whiskers!  The lion was the one that knew where to go.  Smokey even wondered if all of her pals were riding on backs of lions!  She purred at the thought of Tommy on one.  He’d be having the purriest of times!

          Suddenly the lion came to a screech (at least that’s what it sounded like) in what seemed to be what humans call some kind of savanna.  (Meee-ow we’re not technical here- don’t forget we’re only kitties.)  Smokey actually thought they’d be pawing into a huge battle- you know like on Braveheart but everything was silent.         To quiet, in Smokey’s opinion.

          The Mayor wasn’t impressed.  “Whut is up wid you!”  he yowled at the lion.  “You sez you could take us to humans like dat.”  He banged his paws together for emphasis.  (That happens to be the kitty equivalent of a human snapping his fingers.)

          The lion wasn’t bothered by this.  As a matter of fact he seemed amused.  “You relax tough guy,” he roared.  “They’re around.”

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  1. dont look know but tommie's on that cheetah thatz gettin reddy ta ...we....iz.... standin...still....

    oh wait....we iz standin till ~~~ ☺