Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Claw!

     Smokey was getting worried!  She didn’t want to be on somebody’s target.  “I don’t want to-“ She was cut off bepaws the weirdest thing started to happen.  Smokey heard wings!  It was a lot of wings- she looked up and saw a bunch of birds flying above her head.

          Wait a meow-minute!  Burds!

          Smokey didn’t know where the other Trouties were but the Mayor started flipping out.  (And meeeeee-ow cats can flip out just as good as humans!)  “Burds?!”  He yowled standing on all fours with fur in the air.  “Whut these burds doing here?”

          “Calm down you wimpy cat,” the lion ordered.

          The Mayor couldn’t calm down.  He was what you call high-sterical.  The fact that a bunch of Trouties yowling ‘BURDS!!!!’ from every direction didn’t help either.  The lion was getting steamed and Smokey was getting worried bepaws a steamed lion would mean getting tossed off.  And Smokey knew, obviously, that if she was tossed from this lion, she’d be smashed by the mob!  So, Smokey did what any reasonable cat would do at a time like this.  She gave the Mayor the claw!

1 comment:

  1. faaaaaaaaaaaaa......burdz ...unless they can PROOOOOOOOVE
    they can help...... they can keep on flyin......coz all they will due iz give a way R hidin spotz .....