Monday, June 29, 2015

Smokey's Touring

           In the meantime when the kitties were having the great vote debate, Smokey and her two new kitty pals were still riding around on Hank who happened to be a very good tour guide.  He could take a rock and tell you the history of it.  Besides that, he was very friendly, it didn’t matter if was an animal or a ‘burd,’ Hank chatted to everybody.

          Smokey, every once in awhile, wondered how far they were from the scene of the party and the boat.  But, she really wasn’t too worried about anything!  She figured that all of the kitties were doing something fun anyway and they didn’t really have a schedule on when to leave, so-ooo she figured that she could tour with Hank for a couple of hours.  Secretly, she was hoping that they could find a real lion pride so she could lust after some good-looking males but we can save that part…

          I mean who really wants to get into Smokey’s love life?  I mean hearing about Baby’s was bad enough, right?

          As for Smokey’s new pals, they didn’t seem to really care where they were going.  Both were relaxed, waving their paw at certain things and laugh/purring at some silly jokes.  All of this just seemed like just an afternoon stroll.

          That is until a really small, yellow cat came out of nowhere, literally throwing herself at Hank’s feet.  Smokey and her pals, at first, thought it was a regular cat who came down from the party.  But here it turns out it was a sand cat!

          Wait a meow-minute!  A sand cat?

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  1. a sand cat !!!! how kewl iz THIZ !!! ya gotta get a foto op with him smokey...ore best yet tell him ta come bak & chillax fora few at de boat...we wood loves ta meet him !!! ♥♥♥