Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Up-Close With a Sand Cat

          Wait a meow-minute!  A sand cat?

          Well, this cat scared the chatter out of Hank and it made him sit down right on the middle of the ground which caused the kitties to slide off.  It was actually really meowy how scared Hank looked!  You would’ve thought that this was a hippo-eating lion not some small sand cat!

          As for Smokey and her pals they weren’t afraid of the sand cat.  Why would they be?  All kitties have this built-in knowledge of other wild cats across the world.  What does that mean?  Simply put, they knew all about sand cats.  And this was a cute one too, so golden that it almost looked like the sun.  To top it all off, there was sand on his back and the tip of his tail.

          How’s that for coincidental?

          As for the sand cat himself, he was a nervous wreck, shaking, twitching and his whiskers! Meeeeeee-wow they were going at about 100 mph.  Let me put it to you this way, if you ran into a human worked up as the sand cat you’d be offering him a shot of whiskey and a smoke.  “You cats and you funny looking thing have to help me,” he said.  “You have to help.”

          “What happened?”  asked Sammy who was fascinated with the fact that he sort of looked like the sand cat.

          “They took my family!” he yowled, stopping at last.  “You have to help me get them back!  The humans took my family!”

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  1. feer knot dood...ther bee a bout 185 oh uz heer ta help ewe...leed on !!!