Monday, July 13, 2015

Cheetah Guides

          It was almost funny how Frank and Carla used their tails to point to the general direction of where the shot had come from.  It wasn’t actually that far away, up the path and to the right.  “We’ll show you cats,” Frank said.  “Just follow us.”

          The kitties had no problem with that but you know cheetahs- they don’t do that casual kitty-cat walking.  Their idea of going slow is breaking out into a jog that has them going about 20 mph which left all of them not just breathless but a couple on the ground.  The Mayor, Barney, Ace, the Sheriff and Baby were on the ground.  Casey and the rest of the Trouties were just huffing and puffing.  Strangely enough the only two that seemed to want to keep up with the cheetahs were Tommy and Captain One-Eyed Jack but after about maybe three minutes they knew it was hopeless.

          Tommy was laugh/purring though.  “Dat was fun,” he said.

          The Mayor was staring at him like he was nuts.  “You iz a silly cat.”

          Tommy was insulted by this.  “I’m not silly!  I thought it was meowy tryin’ to run with a cheetah.”

          The Mayor’s whiskers twitched.  “You not just silly- you iz REALLY GOOFY TOO!”

1 comment:

  1. tommy....we iz knot sure a CAR could keep up with de cheetahz ~~~ !!!

    de food serviss gurls could knot that's for sure....her haza puttz moe beel !!

    we R all gonna knead ta rent a jeep ta keep up with frank & carla ♥♥♥