Sunday, July 12, 2015

So....? Where Did Hank Go?

          The kitties let that sink in and trust me that took a couple of minutes.  A couple of them couldn’t believe that Smokey had been so stupid to run off with a hippo while a couple of them actually envied Smokey and sort of wish they would’ve met Hank first.  (And meee-ow- you can throw Tommy into the category of wishing he would’ve met Hank first.)

          Finally, with whiskers twitching, Casey asked, “Do you know where they coulda went?”

          Frank looked at Carla and she just kind of gave a swish of the tail.  “He always likes to give rides,” she said.  “It’s hard to tell.  He mighta took them on a tour of the area.”

          “Mee-ow dat sounds cool,” Tommy said.

          Now the cheetahs and all the other kitties were just staring at Tommy.  He became indignant.  “It does sound cool!”

          Then something popped into Carla’s head.  “Uhhhh- you don’t think it was Hank that got shot do you?”  She asked Frank.  “Remember hearing that shot over the hill?”

          “GUNSHOT??”  All of the kitties said at once. 

          “Where de gunshot?”  asked the Mayor looking around kind of nervously.  After all the humans around here were nuts!  They’d probably shoot at all of them if they were close.

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  1. inn deed ...coz we noe... knot all hoomanz can bee trusted....spesh a lee thos with weaponz ~~~~~