Friday, July 10, 2015

Frank and Carla

          Frank and Carla??

          Now does that sound like a mafia couple or what?

          Frank and Carla actually never ran into regular kitties before and they were actually purr-ty shocked when they saw the regular gang and the Trouties.  Carla actually stepped back a couple of feet to make sure they weren’t just one big hairy monster.  On the other hand, Frank thought the kitties were really interesting.  So he asked, “Where are you cats from?”

          “America,” Casey meowed proudly, “the USA.”

          Both nodded bepaws they were very impressed.  Who would’ve ever thought they would’ve ever ran into any American animal at all!  “Why you kitties here?”  asked Carla.

          The Mayor took it from there explaining about the paw-ty boat and the battle they were in against the humans.  Now, hearing that surprised the cheetahs and you could tell they were surprised by the way their tails were swishing.  “I wish we had heard about this,” Carla growled out.  “It would’ve been nice to go against those humans.”

          “That still doesn’t explain why you cats are around,” said Frank in that weird cheetah voice.  Why do I say weird?  Well, you have to admit cheetahs are paw-tastic animals but they do have weird voices! 

          “We’re looking for our friend Smokey,” Barney meowed out.

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  1. yea, N we hope we find her quik.....sinz none oh uz haz pass a ports !!