Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Hank Explanation

     Frank and Carla were confused and that’s understandable.  After all, if you’ve never seen regular cats before, how in the meow would you even know what Barney was even talking about?  “Who?”  asked Frank.
          “Smokey,” meowed Baby, “she’s a gray three-legged cat, who took off on a hippo with two other cats!”
          The word ‘hippo’ made it sink into Frank and Carla bepaws they both said it at the same time, “Hank!”
          “Hank?” The Trouties and the rest of the gang repeated.  Who in the meow was Hank?
          Frank and Carla saw their confused looks.  “Hank’s great!”  Carla exclaimed.  “He likes everybody!”
          “What that supposeds to mean?”  asked the Mayor who couldn’t figure out why Smokey would even want to take off in the first place.
          Frank went onto explain that Hank was what you call one of those rare ‘happy-go-lucky’ hippos.  The kitties took their word on that one bepaws what in   the meow would they know about hippos?  Anyway, Frank said that Hank always went around introducing himself to about any kind of animal that lived in the area and made friends with everyone.  Carla even said she remembered Hank giving some lion cubs a ride once which proved how well-liked he actually was.  After all, who would think that lions and hippo could get along?

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