Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hacking Cats

          “What happened to the sand cats?”  A pale yellow kitty asked from the crowd. 

          The Mayor had enough by this point.  “Who cares about da sands cats???  Whats happened to the money?”

          Alex was embarrassed now.  “Sorry about dat,” he meowed.  “Da bank closed bepaws somebody tooks the money!!”

          All of the cats just stared at Alex.  Smokey finally meowed it.  “Who did it?”

          Alex actually looked really sad.  “Nobody knows.”

          “Nobody knows?”  asked Ace.  “Are you kidding?”

          “Why in the meow would I kid about something like that?”  Alex asked.  “Somebody hacked the computer and took all the money!”

          Now, I’m sure all of you kitties reading, are swishing your tails.  C’mon, you should know that kitties are multi-talented and meee-ow  they of course can hack into computers.  Smokey herself had been known to experiment with it but never really told a lot of cats about it.  There really wasn’t a reason too.  Casey and Barney knew that she had some kind of hacking ability but, in the past, they had just let it go.

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  1. smokey...what ever ya due...due KNOT post on heer any thing that hoomanz can understand....

    oh, N pee ezz two yur mom; tell her if her getz a chance ta sign this for Cecil...we will haza linx on R blog post two morrow az well