Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Story Time

          Alex stared at the kitties with disbelief and awe.  What had happened to the poaching humans had made big time news over on the island.  Meee-wow the whole island actually partied down before that bepaws all animals considered it a major victory!  This was, naturally, before the bank had closed.  “Meeee-ow, that was you cats?”  he asked with a new-found respect.  “Dat was seriously all of you cats?

          That had all of them, even the huffy Mayor, craning the neck and looked pawsitively proud of themselves.  “Yep,” Casey smirked, “that was us.”

          Alex seemed to get more impressed with each passing second.  “That was pawsitively paw-mazing!  You cats gotta tell me what happened.”

          “But what’s about da-“

          Casey cut the Mayor off and began the ‘tail’ of what had happened over there and soon- Alex turned into a whole pile of cats listening to everything.  There were plenty of ‘oooos’ and ‘aaaaaahs,’ along with plenty of purrs.  Casey was a great storyteller.  He acted everything out and made sure that everyone was involved.  Smokey even got into the act and told them all about Hank.  The Fish Island kitties really dug that too.  I mean, how could you not appreciate Hank and Smokey had to throw in  the part about the sand cats too.

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  1. guys....it WAZ a grate add ventures inn deed....high paws two de sand cats, hank, even de leopardz...that mite still bee lookin for uz but oh well ~~ ♥♥♥