Monday, January 25, 2016

Back to the Mystery

          Blackie was extremely indignant, which made her fit in just right with this gang.  “What do you mean I was right??  You didn’t believe me?  Is that what you mean?”

          Casey glared at Blackie.  “Would you stop getting your whiskers in a tangle!”  He yowled, giving her a paw for emphasis.  “Why do you get your whiskers so twitchy?’

          “Why do you have such a big behind?”  Blackie asked back, not even actually realizing what she was doing.  That was the trouble with young kitties- they meowed before they thought.  And the reason why we’re getting a little philosophical is the fact that Casey was very sensitive about his big butt!

          “Why you little pawin’ around punk!” he growled, ready to go after Blackie but Smokey managed to actually stop him by grabbing his tail.

          “You’re the one that’s a punk for getting all mad at the kid!”  Smokey meowed, looking not just serious but flat-out meowed off.  “Why can’t we just listen to what Barney has to meow!”

          That was just it- Barney was standing there tapping his paw and looking like he was ready to explode with more information.  Smokey wondered what he actually knew.  “Well,” Smokey meowed, “what did you paw through?”

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  1. barney...dood....yez pleez tell uz....what did ya findz out !! ♥♥♥