Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Barney's Review


          Barney ‘pawsed’ for a couple of seconds.  He was almost afraid to meow anything out almost bepaws he expected a fight again.  You know the kitties!  They were always grumpy about something.  But sometimes Barney had this habit of being a little overly cautious.  Smokey had to finally yowl out, “WOULD YOU MEOW ON WITH IT!”

          Barney listened to the ‘Smoke.’  (When Smokey got huffy, as a lot of you know- she was referred to as the ‘Smoke.’)  Anyway, he got on with it- spilling what was already stated mostly.  There was something called ‘Da Creature,’ moving from state to state hunting down pets of all shapes and sizes.  It was killing them in all sorts of ways too.  There were guns involved and knives too.  The only thing that was consistent is the x shaved into the body. 

          Hearing all of this, made all of the kitties not only scared but sick as well.  Casey actually looked as if he had some kind of stomachache.  Blackie, who was pleased to be proven right, started shaking.  Her tail was quivering too.  Smokey found herself choking up a hairball and Baby even gave this weird screech.  After about five minutes Smokey finally asked the inevitable, “Who is this terrible thing then?”

          Barney’s eyes rolled.  “How would I know?”

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  1. guys...that cree ture kneadz ta bee stopped...yea we haz bellah achez now two ~~~~~~ pluz de hee beez.......