Saturday, January 30, 2016

Daisy Chat

          Casey got annoyed with Blackie as much as the next kitty but he really didn’t like that question.  “What in the meow did you say that for?”

          Daisy’s whiskers were twitching and the nose was wiggling.  “She does think she owns the yard!”

          “So what?”  Barney asked, feeling protective of his little buddy.  “She lives here after all.”

          “Well, she-”

          Smokey cut her off, due to the fact that she really wasn’t liking where this whole thing was going.  She put her paw on Daisy for calming purposes.  “You need some milk or something.  I bet you’re thirsty from the trip!”

          She shook off the offer of a drink.  “Nots thirst-eee now,” she announced.  “Tells me whut happenz to Ace.”

          Casey summed it up as fast as he could without getting overly dramatic.  He didn’t need hysterics.  There had been enough of them already but that theory went out the window in a second.

          Daisy was crying like a kitten.  “Dat’s so sad!  Paw-ful!  And some monster got him?”

          “That’s what it looks like,” meowed Smokey.

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