Sunday, January 31, 2016

Look Out the Window

          Daisy shuddered.  Actually, ‘shudder’ was too generous of a word!  She started shaking.  “Es a good ting dat we comes here prepared.”

          “What do you mean ‘prepared?’”  asked Casey, suspiciously.

          The shuddering suddenly turned into a purr and a Daisy-ish smile.  “Go look out the window!”

          Forget the window, they all pawed out of there in record time.  How could they not?  Curiosity ruled and no, we don’t need the curiosity cat jokes- MOL.  Anyway, they were in the back and they had the biggest surprise ever!  It was Hank!

          Wait a meow-minute!!!


          Of course you kitties remember Hank!  Hank the hippo was the ‘attack’ hippo on their African trip.  Last Hank was seen was near some lion farm.  None of the kitties thought that they would see him again!  But there he was- giving rides to anyone he saw, while paws-ing to munch on some grass.  He sat down with such a thud that the ground shook at the rest of the Trouties, Baby and Blackie just slid off his back.  Might I add that the thud of Hank sitting down in the backyard registered a 5.0 on the Richter Scale.

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  1. ~~~~~~~ waves two ewe hank * manee thanx for stoppin bye ta help uz out ....manee thanx ~~~~~ ♥♥♥