Sunday, January 3, 2016

Paw Note


Listen- author's note here- I don't want anyone getting upset.  Ace, in reality, was not 'murdered.'  Ace, unfortunately, was a tomcat who had terrible allergies and was completely done in by the erratic weather in this state (the hot/cold, etc.).  Now, I had to treat Ace at home because he wouldn't get into a carrier and I was absolutely stunned by his death (he died on the 30th).  Stupid here actually thought he was getting better because he was still eating, using the litter, etc.  (Note: he lived in the garage due to the fact he was a tom.).  I had Ace for close to 6 years and to this day I would still like to punch the person who threw him out in the first place.  He was a wonderful cat and I'll tell you what- I encourage anyone (if they can) to take in a stray.  You'll have a pal for life, so much that they'll even look at you with hearts above their head!



  1. Godspeed your journey to heaven Ace; we know you are free of all afflictions this earth has to offer and you will never lack for, or have want of, food, water or shelter. We are happy you found a home with smokey and her "crew"; we know your mom and your family and your friends will miss you tons. please say hi to dude and sauce when you see & hugs from boomer, dai$y and tuna ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. p.s....your mom is not stupid; she cared for you the best she knew how and gave you two of the greatest gifts of all, companionship and love....

    our people try and try and try their best; and yet ultimately... St Francis knows when nothing else can be done... and he helps take us to cat life ...number 10....

    we wont say good bye dood...just...until we meet again ♥♥♥