Wednesday, January 27, 2016


          Casey couldn’t believe this.  A thing like ‘Da Creature’ didn’t need to be taken so lightly.  It seemed like that everybody couldn’t wait to paw around and meow in their two sense but no one had any answers!  “What is up with you kitties?”  he asked with disgust.  “Why don’t you cats seem like you know anything?”

          As usual everyone was left staring at each other, the whiskers were twitching.  Finally, Blackie just happened to ask, “Do you think there’s more than one?”

          Now that thought was horrifying in itself.  That could meant ‘Da Creature’ could actually be in all 50 states.  Was that possible?  Could that mean there were more deaths than they originally thought?  Could that mean that ‘Da Creature’ or ‘Creatures’ were actually human?

          Meee-ow from the way it was going it sounded pawsible!  Smokey was shaking at this idea.  She thought that Ace’s killer maybe could’ve been some monster- no normal animal/no human.  It was better to think that way actually or else you’d drive yourself crazy and just start picking out your fur.  Smokey gulped and meowed the obvious.  “No matter what we have to stop them!”

          “Not arguing here,” Casey replied.  “But we could use help.”

          “What do mean by ‘help?””  Barney asked.  “I gave you enough!”

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  1. guys...we dunno what ta look for but we can help...., may bee we can all ask round R townez & see if any ones else wants ta help more help on thiz one, de better ! ♥♥♥