Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fake Pics?

    And I bet you are meowing and tapping your paws about what happened next?  Well, Daisy showed the kitties some purr-ty gruesome looking photos they were dead kitties and supposedly they were from the other side of town!  They were sick, sick photos, involving a lot of fur, blood and it even looked like parts were sawed off!

          What the meow…?

          Casey’s eyes were down to his front legs by this point.  They looked as big as fish ponds.  “How did ya get these?”

          “Somesbodies mailed them to me,” Daisy answered.
          That’s when Boomer gave her the: “Are you crazy?” look.   Daisy noticed it and her fur bristled.  “Don’ts youz look at me like dat!”  she meowed.

          “Like what?”  asked Barney.

          All ignored him.  Boomer had questions and he wanted them answered.  “Dese are fake,” he meowed out.

          “Dey are not fake!”  Daisy yowled. 

          Casey was staring at them again trying to make some sense out of it.  Every so often Smokey would look up at them again but not for too long.  They were to sick.  “You sure?”  Casey asked.  “They purr-ty spooky!”


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  1. guyz...foto shopped ?? !!....we haz been lookin at thiz all wrong then, we knead ta find hank, let him noe; then find de bass terd who foto shopped thiz **** N put em outta biznezz ...for ever ♥♥♥