Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stomping Time

          Daisy was indignant but now she was even doubting herself.  She looked closely at the photos with her whiskers twitching.  “Meee-ow- real- they iz real!”

          Smokey couldn’t believe this and to tell you the truth she had every reason to be indignant.  Ace was dead due to some maniac and they were looking at fake photos of their fellow felines.  “I thought you were doing so real detective work in here,” she meowed to Daisy.

          Daisy whipped around, claw out and gave a grrrrr at Smokey.  It seemed like that she was actually going to claw her whiskers off  but a heavy shaking of the ground stopped her.

          What in the meow????

          Barney was terrified.  “EARTHQUAKE!!”  he yowled.  “IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE!”

          More heavy stomping outside.  As a matter of fact it sounded like things were falling down the hill.  “Avalanche!!”  Casey meowed.  “Everybody hide!”
              Fur dove in every direction.  As a matter of fact you could say that fur flew! 

Smokey found herself under the chair with Boomer who was shaking like a leaf

and that’s when she heard a familiar voice bellow out: “Hey come back out I found Da


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