Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hank Went Where?????

          There was a long pause and no one meowed, yowled or growled out anything for about two minutes.  It drove Smokey crazy!  “What about Hank?”  she asked.  “Where did he go?”

          “Florida,” Frank said.

          Meeeeeeee-huh?  All of the kitties looked at each other strangely.  What in the meow did he go to Florida for?  Smokey didn’t even know that Hank knew there was a Florida!  “Florida!”  she meowed.  “How do you know that?”

          “Howz he knowz to gets to Florida?”  asked the Mayor, which was a legitimate question.

          Frank had no answer for the Mayor but in reference to Smokey’s question he just said, “He told us.”

          The kitties were struck silent again and well, just think about it for a second.  At the time it seemed like the big goof was actually on the trail of something big.  What in the meow would he want to go to Florida for? 

          “Whyz he goez to Florida?”  asked Boomer, who looked bewildered enough that question marks were above his head.

          “Hank said he liked baseball,” answered Carla, “whatever that is.”

          Baseball???  Hank likes baseball???

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  1. purry cute likez base ball two....& even they iz knot in florida....yet !! ♥♥