Friday, February 26, 2016

Mysterious Cheetahs

Frank and Carla just looked at each other with surprise.  What in the meow did everyone think?  That when they were got into trouble they would call cheetahs?  It was nothing against Frank and Carla but meeee-ow who would’ve ever thought that cheetahs would’ve popped up! 

          Smokey realized that she had just did an incredibly stupid thing by asking that.  In other meows, why in the meow would she want to make a cheetah mad?  Frank and Carla would take her other leg off.  “I’m sorry guys!”  she meowed.  “I’m just surprised to see you.”

          That satisfied the couple and actually made Carla let out the cheetah version of a rumble purr.  All of the cats were actually relieved to hear that.  To be purr-fectly honest, after Smokey meowed that, all of them had images of Frank and Carla chasing them for dinner.  “We found your thing,” Frank said in a business-like voice.

          That snapped everyone back to business.  “What did you find?”  Casey asked.  “Who was Da Creature?”

          “Did youz guyz seez Hank?”  Daisy asked.  “We thought that he was chasing ‘Da Creature.’”

          Frank and Carla looked at each other kind of strangely.  “Well,” Carla said, “here’s the thing about Hank…”




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  1. uh oh.....iz thiz gonna bee sum newz we mite knot wanna heer ???♥♥