Monday, March 21, 2016

Leo Wants to Do- What????

     There was ap-paws in each direction.  Leo looked a combination of shocked and somewhat embarrassed.  Now, how weird is that?  Did you ever think you’d see an embarrassed lion?

          “Where you learnz to surf like dat?”  asked the Mayor, who was eyeing up his board.

          “It’s just a little trick I picked up,” Leo growled out.  “It’s not what I came down here for- the surfing.”

          A white cat with a couple of black spots- who was a member of the local surfing club couldn’t believe it.  “Are you kidding?”  he meowed out.  “You could win the championship here!”

          Leo took a look at Charlie who was about ready to burst.  It was starting to be really apparent that Charlie was the type of rhino that wasn’t able to keep a secret.  Well, he was trying to anyway- he was going to spill it at any second.  Leo must’ve sensed it bepaws he said, “I want to play baseball.”

          Casey was in shock.  “Baseball?”

          “How iz you gunna do dat?”  asked the Mayor.









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  1. dood....ya lurned ta surf & ya canna say iz ya tellin uz ... ya can batter up two? ♥♥♥