Saturday, March 19, 2016

Leo the Athlete

          Charlie was surprised at the harshness of Smokey’s meow but shrugged it off.  He was a mellow rhino anyway, especially now since he was rolling around on the perfect sand.  Now, I bet you’re wondering what or how humans could not notice a rhino in the sand?  Come to think of it, how could they not notice a lion surfing?

          A lion surfing…it’s still paw-mazing to comprehend!!!  If only there were photos huh?  Well, that’s being worked on, sources are being explored and we’ll keep you updated.  Now, to humans, a lion (and any other cat) surfing would just look like crashing waves.  The rhino in the sand just looks like wind blowing around the sand.  So, it’s not big mystery!!

          Charlie went on to explain to the kitties and everybody around them that over in Africa Leo was a well-known athlete.  Lions are powerful sure but Leo was actually an athlete like a human almost.  He liked surfing, races and even throwing a football.  Meee-huh?  Who got him a football?  Well, the animals raided a poacher camp once and got it.  Leo was just one of those ‘special’ lions.  And if you think about it, he was able to surf so easily bepaws all of the fish (especially the sharks) were afraid of him!

          Well, during the conversation, Leo surfed onto the beach.  “What did everybody think?” he asked, while sliding to a stop.

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  1. lee "ckoka "

    { we looked that up sew we dinna sound.... lame !!! }