Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rolling Rhino

          Everybody looked at Leo and Casey meowed a, “Well?”

          Leo looked tremendously pleased with himself.  “Why not rent a condo?”

          They all took a second for it to sink in.  Smokey thought about it a second and gave a purr.  “Wow!”  she meowed.  “That’s a great idea!”

          All of them liked that idea a lot but the questions were how and where?  That’s when Edgar put his whiskers into the conversation and gave all of them directions to where cats got some condos for a period of time.  Surprisingly, they managed to snag a really wide condo near the ocean where the sand was extra soft and there was some kind of aspect of privacy too.  That was extremely important considering there was a rhino involved.  Speaking of the rhino…

          Charlie couldn’t believe the wide beach and Leo even seemed in awe of the ocean.  The first thing Charlie did was fall in the sand and start rolling around on his back.  He did what you call a rhino type laugh and just flung his legs up and down. It was a sight to see, as a matter of fact all of the neighboring cats came from a long distance to see.

          Now, I bet you’re wondering where Leo was…


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