Friday, March 18, 2016


           Leo hit the waves.

          Wait a meow-minute!  What did you just say?  Oh yeah, Leo hit the waves.  Hey what in the meow does that mean?

          Leo was surfing!

          Meee-huh???  That’s right cats and kittens.  Leo was surfing.  Within 10 minutes of arriving at the new residence, somehow, some way Leo managed to get his paws on a surfboard and was riding the waves like a pro.  He was just so good that the ‘Surf Cats’ even had to stop and meow out some compliments.  In other words they were doing the cat equivalents to the ‘ooooos’ and ‘ahhhhhs’ that humans do

          None of the kitties could believe it!  How in the meow did a lion learn how to surf?  As a matter of fact, the Mayor was the first to meow it to Charlie.  “Howz didz he learnz how to surfz?”

          Charlie looked tremendously pleased with himself.  “You mean you cats didn’t know?”

          “How would we?”  asked Smokey.  “So, why don’t you quit being so mysterious and tell us how he learned to surf?”

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  1. DID ya lurn ta surf like that...tigerz... we could see...they loves water...lionz....knot sew much sew !!! ♥♥♥