Wednesday, August 24, 2016


          (Let me add something from yesterday:

          In life, a lot of people look for praise no matter what and that’s not what I intended to do yesterday.  There is a such thing as doing the right thing.  I really, really wish that somebody would’ve taken me up on the free kitten offer, so I could’ve sent at least two of them to good homes because these are literally cute kittens.  They’re friendly, litter-trained and well, I’ll say it again just so DAMN cute.  But, unfortunately, no one wants them.  Let’s also note that I won’t give them to anyone with a kid- so they can get tossed out on the road when they get bigger.  I mean did you EVER see anything lower than a dead cat on a highway?  I mean I saw one a couple of weeks ago that might have been a little older than Fuzzy and I wanted to hit something.

          So, I got a lot of kitties here-LOL but that’s meowy cool.  If you get a big bag of dry food and some extra litter you can make it work.  They don’t come inside but stay in a nice place in the garage.  Stuff can work if you put your mind to it and I bet you’re meowing one thing:

          Why in the meow is she telling us the same thing again?

          Easy- go get another cat.  Find one, an older one or a kitten.  Adding one is actually a great feeling and well, did you ever see anything more loyal than a cat?  Now, that’s enough philosophy time to get back to fun!)

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  1. guys...yur mom mite knot ask for a paws...but herz still gettin sum any way; her act shoo lee cared enuff bout blackie TWO help; sted oh lettin her haza nother litter ~~~ ya noe....

    N yes we noe bout de high way food serviss gurl toll uz bout de kitty her saw earl lee urr thiz yeer....N yea...

    now itz time for uz two a greez ...on with purry cute fun

    { N yur mom still rocks ☺☺☺ } ♥♥♥