Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meowing For the Record

          (Meee-uhoh.  Let me give a real life update about Blackie and the kittens.  I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.  In all actuality, Blackie took great care of these kitties.  Why do I say took?  Well, one day Fuzzy had the vet appointment to get the shots and I decided to take a chance and shove Blackie in the carrier.  Blackie ended up getting the shots and fixed which was a big phew!  Why do I say that?  Blackie was what you call a kitten machine.  It’s a guarantee that if she would’ve gotten pregnant pretty much immediately after having these kittens and there’s no way that could happen.

          Pawing along, Blackie was tucked away nicely for a couple of weeks so she could recover nicely so she didn’t get to see the kitties.  Once she did, she really wasn’t that interested in them but luckily they had Fuzzy who took over as surrogate mom.  That in itself is kinda on the strange side, considering Fuzzy is technically just a kitten herself.  Meee-ow-she even takes foil balls away from the little ones- that slap-happy Fuzzy.

          As time passed, Blackie sits nicely with the kittens and even gives them a lick once in a great while.  That’s a good thing bepaws they love the Fuzz!  You see, Blackie got pregnant immediately after giving birth to Fuzzy.  It was the quickest you ever saw, so Fuzzy never got a lot of love from Blackie.  However, it seems like everything has worked out just purr-fectly!)

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  1. guys...high paws two yur mom for helpin blackie.....yur mom haza lot oh compassion ta due that; now blackie can live a longer ..healthee urr life, N wee kittenz due knot hafta worree bout findin a home......blessings two mom ♥♥♥ troo lee ♥♥♥