Monday, August 22, 2016

Kitten Time!

          So, what happened???  Many, many things including the fact that Smokey had a collection of one million photos and videos on the old computer-MOL.  I know, I know, you’ve been waiting, meowing, paw-tapping.  Well, here it meows…

          Obviously, judging by all the photos.  The kitties found Fuzzy’s mom (aka. Blackie) who gave birth to four kittens that looked so much alike that it was too scary.  If it wasn’t for the tip on Tippy’s tail (MOL-makes sense, right?) and Sammie’s long boot they could’ve been official quadruplets.  Anyway, I’ll meow it again- four kittens and Fuzzy, who was just basically a kitten herself was in shock.  To make matters worse, Blackie wasn’t very motherly towards these kittens for some reason and just left them.

          Meee-ow, you heard that right- she left them in the care of Barney, Casey, Baby and Fuzzy!  Now, you can imagine the boys were in complete panic mode.  After all, they were bachelors!  What did they know about taking care of kittens?  In the meantime, Baby (being somewhat on the old side herself) wasn’t amused.  She always resented not having her own kitties- so why in the meow should she take care of somebody else’s kittens?  She figured Fuzzy could take care of them, after all they were her siblings right?

          Meeee-ow, I know that’s cold.

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  1. doodz...we heer ya on de hole bacherlorz thing...even tho we call gram paw dude.. gram paw.. himz knot reel lee R gram paw coz him waz bacherlorz... tho bak in de old houz... werd iz him hada crush on de gray gurl cross de road ♥♥♥☺☺☺