Monday, September 26, 2016

Confused Barney

"What do you mean?"  asked Barney.  "How would I know?"

Leo was looking at him with disgust.  Hank was giving him the 'you gotta be kidding' look.  Even the kittens looked at Barney like he was crazy.  Finally, he yowled, "Stop staring at me!"

Casey meowed, "We were only meowing about it the whole way over."

"Well, pardon my paws for asking a question!"  Barney yowled with disgust. 

"Would you cats shut-up!"  yelled Leo.  "We got bigger problems!"

"I think you cats just like to argue," Hank said.

"And right now we don't need arguing," meowed Baby.  "There's to much stuff to do."

"And the gang," Leo said, pointing west with his tail, "is here."

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  1. guys.....well, rememburr barney waz in de cockpit with uz de entire 3 anda half hour doez knot noe & we due knot either !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥