Sunday, September 25, 2016

Welcome to the Jungle!


That was an understatement! 

When the kitties landed and stepped out into 'Gorilla land' they were greeted by pure jungle, which of course made sense considering that's where gorillas lived.  But to actually see all of that jungle even had Hank stunned.

"Holy hippos!"  he yowled.  "Where did all the trees come from?"

Casey couldn't believe it.  "You dope-you live here.  How come you're so surprised?"

He ignored Casey's comment and looked at Leo.  "Is all of the council coming?"  he asked.

"They're supposed to be here," he answered.  "No idea why they're late."

Barney couldn't take the suspense.  "Who is on this council?"

Leo gave Barney a look of complete disgust.  "You should know," he roared.

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  1. barney...we iz with ewe....two much haz happened late lee, we dunno either ~~~~~~♥♥♥