Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fuzzed Animals

(By the way- the cute kitty from yesterday is named Sammie! So with that...pawing right along...)

Fuzzy pawed the gorilla which shocked him so much that Fuzzy ended up flying through the air and landing smack dab on the back of a giraffe named Jenny, who happened to be their with her cute calf (Jake).  Don't you love it though these animals have better names than some people lately.

Meee-uhoh that wasn't politically correct was it?

Oh no please don't 'Bern' me like that witch did to Bernie Sanders! MOL...
Well, back to the 'tail...'

Jenny (the giraffe) jumped a little after having Fuzzy land on her back but that was understandable.  It must've hurt getting hit with a flying Fuzz.  But she had never seen a cat until today so she was kind of in awe.  "You're kinda cute," Jenny said.  "Who are you?"

Fuzzy's brain was kind of mushy at this point.  "Fuzzy," she replied.  "You're really big!"

Jenny was one of those mellow giraffes but who ever really met an angry one.  She was liking Fuzzy's wide-eyed innocence and started walking around with her.  "Why don't you-"

She was cut off by gunshots!

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