Monday, October 10, 2016

Meet the Gorillas

The gun, obviously was loud and made everybody jump five feet in the air. BUT, luckily, it must've fell out of a tree or something and just went off.  No animal was harmed-just a little spooked.  What was a gun doing up in a tree?

Don't ask- nobody had any idea and no one really wanted to know.


Fuzzy was having a great time riding Jenny.  Jenny proved to not only be very friendly but could give a great tour.  As a matter of fact, little Jake actually had 4 kittens on his back.  When that happened was anyone's guess but the little guys were in awe and also purring very loudly.  As for the other kitties...

They really weren't sure what to think about the gorillas.  It was good to see them, don't get this wrong but there were more than expected (which was good).  Gorillas, of course, are very intelligent and curious- so they were bending over to take good looks at these kitties- much to the Mayor's disgust, "Dontz youz stare at me like dat!" he yowled.

The gorilla (a silverback) was kind of put off by this.  He was, obviously, one of the oldest ones there and somewhat on the cranky side anyway.  Out of nowhere he reached down and pulled the Mayor up by the neck!

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  1. N joy de toor fuzzy....we bet frum up ther ewe can see az far az de eye can see which doez knot reel lee make senze but ...well....ewe noe ~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥