Monday, October 31, 2016

Stubborn Barney

As you know, Barney was purr-ty much on the wimpy side but when he got an idea in his head he stood by it.  He wasn't going to drift from it either.  He said they weren't going to go in and he would personally stop anybody if they tried it.

The Trouties were meow-less by this attitude.  "How we gunna save Tippy then?"  asked the Mayor.  "She iz in dere by herself!"

Barney had made up his mind.  "Forget it- there has to be a way to do it from out here."

Casey was starting to think that Barney had completely lost it.  "What's with you- are you getting senile like the humans?"

"Whutz dat mean?"  asked Daisy staring at Casey with twitching whiskers.

He ignored her.  "I think you've lost it," he meowed. 

The Mayor couldn't help agree with him.  "Whutz we supposed to do just stand out here and yowl TIPPY?"

"Meow why not?"  asked Barney.  "It doesn't hurt to try."

Before anyone could do anything Hank bellowed, "TIPPY!!!  TIPPY!!!"

Soon they were all doing it, right in front of the castle, "TIPPY!!!"

And holy meows it worked!!  Tippy flew out of that castle like her tail was on fire!

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  1. internetz been a bass terd; de food servizz gurlz werk haz been a bass terd N oh course chickenz R all wayz bass terdz.....sorree we iz late in catchin up heer....

    tippy; we iz buzzed happee ewe haz been finded !!! ♥♥♥