Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Gang Has Arrived

Don't ask how it happened but everyone was now in Transylvania.  Mee-ow you heard that right, the gang, the Trouties, Hank and even Leo were now in in Transylvania!  Mee-ow did I scare you?  Did you think that all of the gorillas and everyone else who went on the raid?  Well, let me put it to you this way- they were invited to come but when they heard exactly where they were going all of them backed out really fast!!  Don't ever let anyone tell you that Dracula isn't known around the world.  Just the name even had a couple of gorillas in hysterics.

Now, I bet you're wondering why Hank and Leo decided to go.  Well, Hank being the softie that he is just had to go for a Tippy rescue and Leo thought it would actually fun to scare the hell out of some of the humans in the villages and he did exactly that!  If you happen to hear about any lion sightings from Eastern Europe- there you go.  Anyway- back to Transylvania as a whole...

What can you really say?

It was dark, spooky and that castle just made the whiskers twitch rapidly.  They had already heard the rumors that a small kitten with a whit tip on her tail was pawing through it.  The question was; how in the meow were they going to get her out of there and that wasn't going to be easy bepaws Barney had decided from the start that they were not going in!

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